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Make an investment in yourself with The London Business Institute.

Unlike traditional Business Schools offering you Advanced Degrees in Business or an MBA, The London Business Institute focuses on providing you with real world, practical, education and training that you can put to use immediately. The London Business Institute (LBI) doesn't focus on Theory- because Theory typically fails when it meets reality.

Our programs focus on giving you the skills you need to advance in your career rapidly. We focus on providing you the tools necessary to stand out from the crowd, the knowledge that you must have to become the Certified Professional you deserve to become. Our programs are superior to others.

That's because we've invested thousands upon thousands to provide you with an innovative delivery system that allows you to work at your own pace, that tests the skills you've just learned, and allows you to master the material through the integration of advanced neuro-scientific teaching methodologies.

Master The Microsoft Product Suite

Now is the time for YOU to finally learn Excel, Word, or PowerPoint - rapidly, easily, and thoroughly! Our programs, divided into easily consumable modules will allow you to Naturally acquire information the way is was meant to be acquired. Through real-world practice, and Immersion. This is the way every child learns new techniques, not through old-school “rote memorization,” but through applying the functions and formulas in real examples to see EXACTLY how to do it, ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Our Program Delivery Platform is Second to None

Because we're committed to your professional success. Developed by Executives and Qualified and Certified Training Professionals, our programs provide you the exact information you need to accelerate your career. Anyone who has achieved their professional goals has done so by investing in their on-going development.

By investing in your training and education you’ll not only have the skills necessary to outpace your peers, but you'll have the confidence necessary to take your career to the next level. We Guarantee that the training you receive at The London Business Institute will provide you with the superior knowledge employers are requiring of their employees.

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